President: Daniel Altenau

Catholic Charities-Diocese of Raleigh

7200 Stonehenge Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27613

Tel: 919-821-9767

Email: ncvoad.pres1@gmail.com


Vice President: John Robinson

New Hope Presbytery

Tel: 540-722-0462

Email: matthewresponse@suddenlink.net


Secretary: Alfred Foote

Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition

Tel: 910-677-2412

Email: alfoote@ccdssnc.com


Treasurer: Gene Ziemba

North Carolina Knights of Columbus

Inquiries to: ncvoad.pres1@gmail.com

413 Tree Ct

Holly Ridge NC 28445

Tel: 478-397-6747


Director Term
Daniel Altenau 2020 Catholic Charities-Diocese of Raleigh
John Robinson 2020 Presbytery of New Hope
Ricky Hill 2020 Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Church
Al Foote 2021 Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition
Gene Ziemba 2021 North Carolina Knights of Columbus
Heather Black 2021 United Way of North Carolina
Cynthia Bradley 2022 American Red Cross
Jack Frazier 2022 North Carolina Baptist Men/Baptists on Mission
Laura Block 2022 Team Rubicon