Onslow County Applauds Team Rubicon

May 4, 2021-Onslow County Emergency Management sent this message to NC Emergency Management Regional Coordination Center East for delivery to NC Emergency Management Headquarters.

Can you pass up to the Raleigh leads that we have sincerely appreciated Team Rubicon’s assistance over the last year and most specifically for me, over the last 4 months of vaccine clinic? While we had one small issue, Shari stepped in and helped me get in contact with who I needed to in an attempt to quickly resolve the issue. Shari and her people were always very responsive and kept me informed as to what staffing level they were able to provide. Their assistance made it possible for us to keep our clinic flow moving and help our most vulnerable populations more efficiently. Shari has been a wonderful ambassador for Team Rubicon as have many of her team members. They were always quick to offer assistance if they saw a need and never hesitated to ask how they could help. I personally was able to work at least 2 different members who really stepped in and helped out when a need arose.

Please let Raleigh know how much we appreciate that resource assistance.

Stacie A. Miles, MPA

Deputy Director

Onslow County Emergency Services